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The Nate Bucklin Band

Because people at SMOFcon asked me, yes, Nate is still making music. He is starting up The Nate Bucklin Band and I am going to be singing some back up vocals and one lead. I hope that we will be ready to play at Minicon this year.

sethb will be here for New Year's. He arrives Thursday Dec 30, 2014 and leaves on Monday Jan 5, 2015.

Boosting the signal

judyrose1390[Unknown LJ tag] friend, Richard Perry has gone missing as of late last night. A group of friends and family tried looking for him last night, but we were unable to find him. He left his phone at his house, but he did bring his wallet. If anyone has seen or heard of him, please let us know. We miss him. We love him. We just want him home.

In search of..

Issue #60 of Dragon Magazine. It contains a story by joel_rosenberg.

Similarly, if anyone has a copy of the anthology edited by David Drake titled Armageddon, it also has a story by Joel in it.

Many thanks in advance.

Happy Birthday

To lydy

CONvergence 2014

I'm going to be attending my first CONvergence this year, but I don't currently have a membership. Do any of you have a membership (or 2 - I forgot to get one for my daughter Rachel) they'd be willing to sell?

R.I.P. Lisa 1998 - 02/24/2014

She was a great cat.


Our oldest cat Lisa has been wheezing, so judyrose1390 took her to Kitty Klinic.

There is a hard lump on her throat. Dr Mac gave us some antibiotics for her, but isn't sure what it is. He thinks we'll need to get it checked at the U.

I think she may be responding to the antibiotics. Her breathing doesn't sound as bad as it did last night and her fur seems more glossy. We'll be watching the next few days.

I have a superpower

Apropos of recent discussions of natural gifts.

Late Thursday night, after set up at Boskone, gerisullivan, sethb and I were sitting at a table chatting, as you do.

Geri commented that Seth was being unusually quiet, then said "Felicia, you're able to get Seth to shut up. That's not a just a gift, it's a superpower!"




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